Biggest virtual Bonfire ever!  Sacral Chakra Clearing 
Totally Awesome Energy Shifting gathering 
PLUS free event audio (afterwards)

 Reclaim your body and energetic space by evicting unwanted energetic tenants (seriously!)

Did you know that there is a collection of unwanted memories, images, and possibly even people in your Sacral Chakra?

  • These memories, images, and people are living rent free in your body and won't leave on their own accord...!
  • These "renters" are literally stopping you from manifesting love, abundance, and spiritual awakening...!
  • Learn a little known yet incredibly powerful way of evicting them and blasting the barriers to Relationship, Creativity and Divine Abundance!
  • Join the Sacral Chakra Bonfire event and clear your money barriers, clear your sexual barriers, clear your abundance barriers! Live in the light!

Energy Shifting Sacral Chakra BONFIRE

Burn your Sacral Chakra Barriers! ...For Creativity, Prosperity and Passion!

Get your groove on at this Free Energy Shifting virtual gathering and Spark your Inner Flame

Restore your body

Burn old memories, pictures and emotions that no longer serve you

Restore your space

Send unwanted and potentially harmful energies back to their owners

Restore your Perspective

Burn old promises, old dreams, and even any old projections

Totally Free Energy Shifting event