Divine Feminine ReAwakening Celebration! 
(Totally Awesome Live Event)

A day of Heart Wisdom ~ Activations, Guided Journeys & Energetic Processes

The tides are changing...It's time to Celebrate the Divine Feminine in You!

  • Discover how to clear your Ancestral patterns, fears & limiting beliefs
  • Move into your Sacred Heart and cherish your Self...
  • Clear many mental, emotional and physical blocks that hinder you!
  • Be guided into relaxation, healing and comfort...

A day of Pampering Awaits!

Join Women around the Globe! ...25 incredible guides, seers and healers offer their gifts to Inspire & Clear your blocks #BeBoldForChange! 

Get your groove on at this Free LIVE virtual event and Spark your Feminine Voice

Be Bold for Truth

Burn old, stagnant energies that have BLOCKED you and caused Difficulty in your Relationships so you can become more intimate and connected at the heart!

Be Bold for Peace

Release the Insecurities that plague you, have held you back - anxiety, fear, doubt - so you can move on with your life!

Be Bold for Change

Burn old attachments, false identifications & imposed ancestral limitations that hinder spiritual progress so that you can create your dreams and live FULLY EXPRESSED!

Global Free LIVE Energy Shifting Event