(Totally Awesome Live Event)

Transform your Throat Chakra issues blocking you from speaking up, sharing your real needs & channeling your Higher Self guidance.

Stop Suffering...Throat chakra issues create Core patterns that you deal with your entire life! ...unless cleared!

  • Clear stagnant energies that have blocked you your entire life!
  • Express your Needs & Desires without fear holding you back
  • Overcome debilitating issues that cause you to miss opportunities!
  • Stop being so Critical of yourself - start loving You & sharing Truth

LIVE virtual CLEARING Party!

Clear your Throat Chakra! ...For Full self-expression, Channeling your Higher Self & Voicing your Truth!

Get your groove on at this Free LIVE virtual event and Spark your Authentic Voice

Restore your Truth

Burn old, stagnant energies that have BLOCKED you and caused Difficulty in your Relationships so you can become more intimate and connected at the heart!

Restore your Peace

Release the Insecurities that plague you, have held you back - anxiety, fear, doubt - so you can move on with your life!

Restore your Voice

Burn old attachments, false identifications & imposed ancestral limitations that hinder spiritual progress so that you can create your dreams and live FULLY EXPRESSED!

Totally Free LIVE Energy Shifting Event