Are You Ready to Attract Your Beloved SoulMate?

Your heart keeps pleading and begging you, but why is it not happening?

Discovering your Brilliant Path to your Purpose

Somewhere out there…if only…

A part of you starts to think that maybe it's just not in your cards… BUT YOU'D BE WRONG!

A Beloved SoulMate is not some term that just gets thrown around in some cavalier fashion. It's not just in fairytales where a Knight in Shining Armor riding a big white horse comes to sweep you off your feet. Your Beloved SoulMate is alive and real, and in this world waiting to meet you.

When you meet your Beloved SoulMate, your relationship becomes one of unconditional love, filled with beautiful honoring, and where each of you is truly cherished. Falling into each other's arms is like sinking into the softest, coziest, plush, comfy chair…and being in love takes on a wonderful new experience one has never experienced before.

So why do so many people settle for less and still yearn for true love….even if they are in a relationship?!? (Yes, that really happens).

Your Beloved SoulMate is out there waiting for you, but he's not going to waltz into your life like Prince Charming until you take care of some things first.

Here is the secret: Everyone who has been in a relationship in the past has some unfinished business to complete before they become open to attracting and receiving their Beloved SoulMate. But people usually have no idea what, why, or how to work on this unfinished business.

And this is exactly what I'm going to reveal to you in SoulMate Alchemy…and much, much more that will set you on a path to your own True Love, a Love that you never thought possible. True Love is out there, and it is out there for you!

For anyone yearning to find their Beloved Soulmate, life can be a series of ups and downs. There is always that wondering in the back of your mind playing out at a party… "Will I meet my Beloved tonight"? "Are they here somewhere in the room"? And then you get slightly in the future thinking of "What if"… how would life be different if you attracted your companion? How would life feel with someone to share those precious moments of inspiration?

I personally packed up and moved a thousand miles to be with my Beloved SoulMate after I did all that I'm going to show you in this course. "Sight unseen" -- trusting the Universe -- I moved to a different state, and within 3 months of calling in my Beloved and playing with him in the ethers, we met in person. It felt as if my once fractured heart was now made whole again.

I wish this for everyone, and the truth is, it is possible, and I will share with you how. After years of research and refining, I developed the Heart Synergy System, as part of the SoulMate Alchemy program.

The Heart Synergy System: SoulMate Alchemy 5-week seminar E-course

  • Release the Sexual Signatures that your Past Lovers have left behind so you can be Set Energetically Free!
  • Learn the Process that Releases the 4 Primary Emotions that bind you to the Past and that you Must Clear for you to Move On in Love.
  • Reclaim Your Self with this Powerful Extraction Process… for Permanent Removal of Anyone Invading Your Space.
  • Sever the Sexual Ties that keep you Attached to your Past Flames and Held Emotionally Captive by them.
  • Discover which Attractor Patterns you hold in your Field that are Causing you to Repeat unhealthy Choices in Relationship.
  • Set yourself Free from Binding Contracts and Outdated Agreements that stifle your efforts to End it Once and For All.
  • Forever Transmute unnecessary ‘baggage’ from all your past breakups so that you are Clean, Clear and available to Your New Love!
  • Learn the Directive Statement that will forever free you from any Karmic Oppositions that kept you Locked into Unlucky Love Cycles.
  • Become an Empowering, Fresh Container for Welcoming in Love instead of repelling intimacy caused from stagnating energies.
  • Create New Possibility and Probability lines for a Brand New Future… Get on the Golden Grid that supports you Manifesting
  • immediately with Profound Results.

Studies show that the average person will have 3 major relationships in their lifetime. And that means…

You May Suffer through At Least TWO Major Breakups In Your Lifetime

For anyone having to endure the painful suffering of a breakup, there is not much else in life that can prove more devastating. It is as though your inner world has shattered. This can be tough to talk about and definitely tough to overcome, because we want to believe in love, in the success of love and in the idea that love always wins out.

Maybe you have endured a few more than two major breakups already. You’ve never been taught how to overcome the end of your relationships in a way that allows you to move on, heal and become healthy again. To attract your beloved SoulMate, healing must first take place. I show you how in SoulMate Alchemy.

Never Before Have We Had Such Knowledge
To Heal our past wounds… Yet Felt So Powerless over our Sabotaging tendencies

How difficult can it be to let go of something that isn't working? If we are already broken up then we should realize that it wasn't meant to be and just "move on," right? But it isn't that easy… Why?

It's simple… If we don't heal and clear out the old, we can't bring in the new. There is no room!

If you never properly healed your broken heart, and cleared out all of the emotional baggage then you will attract a partner that is also broken and burdened with heavy baggage. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way…. You can heal… There is hope. Love is the force of nature that has the power to endure, heal, and conquer all things.

The Master key lies in knowing how to wield that force of love to reconnect with the Truth of who you are so that you can regain your Power to heal. You are not your failed relationships… You are not your past patterns… You are not your protective personas… You are your Higher Self!

When You Stop losing your Self You will claim your Worthiness for Love

Mistakes you may have made along the way are not your fault. No one taught you at a young age how to handle painful moments. Instead you had examples of losing yourself to others… limited boundary setting… letting others control and manipulate you and maybe even Abuse. No one told you that you hold the power to maintain your sense of Self. So whether you have recently gone through a breakup and it is a fresh wound or if you have been single for a while, you owe it to yourself to finally discover the unwounded Self that still lives inside you. The Wisdom of the One who has never known pain or suffering or heartbreak is the key to your future. Your Higher Self knows how to fully release the past flames, set yourself free of sinking hopelessness and restore your Joy.

No one probably showed you precise ways to sever the ties from your breakup… or gave you rituals to completely release responsibility of your partners well-being… or shared exercises that alleviate your fears of creating the same in the future.You probably were never taught how to effectively release the blame, shame and guilt that can emerge from failing to make it work… or how to get back to the you, that is, confident and whole… or a healthy way to completely release your ex's for good so they don't keep popping into your mind.

It's time to release the old outdated contracts and agreements you have made with yourself or your past flames that just don't fit you anymore or your current status. Contracts are binding and if you still carry those with you after a relationship breakup then, energetically, you are still bound to them. How do you release that agreement and set yourself and them Free?

An Unhealthy Love Blueprint is NOT Your Fault. But it is Your Responsibility to Change & Heal it Now

It's time to release the old patterns that keep emerging in your life that are destructive to your well being. The pattern continues to show itself, and it appears in relationships so that we can heal our core wound… that point of pain.

What I’ve learned in working with thousands of people is that when we consciously complete on past patterns that created a broken relationship and bring in the light of awareness, we actually do heal that point of pain within us. Not only do we no longer suffer breakup pain… but we have entirely transformed our Love Blueprint.

When You Consciously Complete A Relationship,
You Break the Old Paradigm instead of it Breaking You

The old paradigm is still running you if you haven't broken out of the emotional and mental bondage and if you are still carrying the sticky residue of the past. We are energetic beings and we take on a person in relationship as if they are a part of us. It's time to stop allowing the patterns to run us. There is a way... No matter how much you have abused yourself by staying in pain and suffering there is a way out.

You can take back your power and no longer feel like a victim to your mind, your emotions or your blueprint. With SoulMate Alchemy you become a master at shifting the energies that are stagnant in your body and field. You learn a proven process that unlocks you from the bondage of another person, pattern and paradigm. No more energetic entanglements… It literally allows for the unhooking of your energetic field from another!

Imagine setting yourself free, simply by learning a few simple practices that release you from any opposing energies, like your past flames. What if you could turn that pain into possibility for a future that excites you? What if you could then create a magnetic container for yourself that attracts someone that ignites you?

What If the only thing blocking your SoulMate was an Old Energetic Attachment? What If You could Clear Your Container & Create a Space for Love to Enter?

You have heard the saying, "Once one door closes, another opens up." Have you truly closed the door on the past or is there so much stuff in the space that it keeps the door open? Until you consciously complete on the past and close the door securely, there will not be opportunity for creating a healthy new relationship paradigm.

What if it was as easy as cleaning out your closet?

Once you get over the initial shock of letting go, you can see the potential right before your eyes. Possibility shows up and you have a clear container (or closet) to put new things in, things that you Love. When you let go of your old image you can recreate yourself and attract all new people, things and opportunities. You feel Liberated!

That is what I want for you… to feel Free, Fresh and Light! Not trapped by the past, but unleashed into your Future You, the You that you know is in there, waiting to be Liberated in Love.

Discovering your Brilliant Path to your Purpose

You Can Clear Your Love Container RIGHT NOW (No Matter How much Residue There Is) In Just 5 Weeks…

This isn’t just about rescuing you from any pain you’re in right now. That’s vital and we’ll do that too. But please realize that carrying breakup residue impacts us much more than deflating our current state of happiness and sanity.

The SoulMate Alchemy process I will guide you through will support you in welcoming in your Higher Self and healing your lower self attachments… moving you into a new, stronger state of mind, heart and emotional fortitude.

And this allows for creating a love that lasts… a Forever kind of love, with mutual Devotion.

Your future love relationship starts now, beginning here with how you release your past. It matters that you think enough about yourself to ask for assistance in clearing out past pain. When you begin acting in your own behalf, the Universe responds. Support is here for you right now and you can end your suffering by surrendering to your Higher Self ideals. You see, your Higher Self is an Alchemist… it knows how to support you in shifting from the heaviness of life into a lighter state of Illumination. Your Higher Self is wise and intuitive and knows what you need to have enduring Love and Joy.

No more do you need to suffer to gain knowledge and lessons… how about choosing to release that old paradigm and recognize that all you desire is one step away. Let yourself be delivered from the dark, heavy burden of the past so you can shine as a beacon of Love.

This is your opportunity to take a chance on loving yourself and proving that all the things you may have made up about yourself and love or how others see you or don't want you are all wrong. You create your reality… choose love.

Choose Love right now

Course and bonuses valued at $1,297
Yours for $97

The Heart Synergy System: SoulMate Alchemy 5-week seminar E-course

The Heart Synergy System has an abundance of insightful messages that reveal a new level of Freedom. If you have ever wished that you could just finally get over past patterns that continue to reveal a wounded heart and simply move on to a brighter future, you will definitely want to consider this Soulmate Alchemy package.

As an Energetic Multi-sensory Intuitive, I have both seen and experienced how deep a breakup can cut into a person's soul. Once broken, the wounded heart becomes more fragile and as a result, can allow for future breaks to occur more easily. But most of us will never let ourselves even come close to feeling that again because of our protective mechanisms that we have so strategically placed. It is time to choose a different way to live. The protection over the heart attracts a lover who is also hiding behind a shield, wall or fortress. And the cycle continues… I was the Queen of repeating patterns in relationships. It is frustrating, humiliating and down right debilitating!

There is a way to finally overcome the patterns that you have always had in your life, the unhealthy ones… so you can simply create a life of happiness.

Don't you want to spend your time creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life, rather than battling with these relationship issues? Haven't you suffered enough in the past? And isn't it time to release the reactive triggers that stem from the fears of loss and rejections from old wounds?

In the SoulMate Alchemy Seminar, we will do what it takes to finally complete with your past flame, your ex- and your lower self.

You see, even though your ex may not be physically present with you, their energy still is… There are sexual signatures to erase and cords to cut. There are emotions to transmute and extractions to be done. We are just beginning to understand the energetic impact that one lover has on another… it runs deep and you may just be silently invaded by his/her thoughts of you. So SoulMate Alchemy isn't your average seminar, we go down to the core issue and uproot the cause, we go into the energetic structure and remodel it with a whole new paradigm. This new paradigm is the example for others, for the future, for our children and loved ones.

The Heart Synergy System:
 SoulMate Alchemy 5-week seminar E-course

Session 1

After a breakup or after years of fighting against the bitterness and resentments lingering behind a once precious, now broken relationship… We might not even know where to begin to find our true Self again. In this Session, we will address the habits of old, begin clearing the 'points of pain' where the fracture originated and come to a truce within. We take responsibility, let go of blame and begin to discover that we do have strength within. We reveal the masked selves that have played a role in producing pain in relationships and start to heal our wounded heart.

Session 2

It makes sense that if we want to release heavy emotional pain and limiting mental beliefs that we would need to understand a bit about the mind, and our emotional storage system. Our humanistic tendencies to "hold on" for dear life have us confused and bound to the past. Even if we want to clear out our emotional storage and create a new level of freedom, we seem to keep paying for the storage bill. Yes, it costs you to keep all that emotional crap stored in your body and prevents you from being agile and moving about with a sense of light heartedness. In this Session, it is time to do some major Spring cleaning, transmuting and releasing! Let's go!!

Session 3

In this Session, we will cut, cut, cut the bioplasmic energy strings that are tying you to the Past. We will address your old contractual partnerships and concerns so you can create new structures that are supportive. Dissolving outdated agreements will let you off the karmic hook, so that, what you no longer feel called to fulfill is addressed and reassigned. Bringing consciousness to a completion is just plain good business… and believe it or not, a relationship arrangement is just like a business partnership.

Session 4

Can't get your ex- out of your mind?… Find it difficult to be attracted to another?… Not getting passionate about life like you used to?… These are all the results of having merged with someone energetically at one time and not fully erasing their energetic imprints. Are your finances failing to hit the mark of prosperity? Are you feeling emptied out? Dried up? In this session, we will uncover the secrets to retracting your energy and reclaiming your energy so you can live abundantly, creatively and passionately.

Session 5

In this Session, we will Create a Love Conversion! From desperate and needy… broken-hearted… and Angry to a Higher level of Possibility, Probability and Passion. You are an Alchemist at heart, not a victim or damsel in distress… your Higher Self is Confident, Powerful and Courageous! It is time to remember what you know about turning pain into pleasure, turning base level emotions into thriving, life giving realities.

We are going to get on the grid and activate your inner High Priestess/Emperor so that you are in charge of what you are attracting… no more living a default love life. It's gonna get hot in here when we ignite your Future LifeLine and Liberate You!

Here is What You will Receive:

Heart Synergy System, SoulMate Alchemy, The Secrets to Letting Go of Past Flames, Overcoming Heartbreak & Attracting Your Beloved SoulMate:

A $1,297 Value.
Especially for You only $97

SoulMate Alchemy Orientation Call:

This is our time to anchor intentions collectively for transforming our past pain into energy that supports the attraction of Love, Abundance and a Beloved SoulMate. We cover the layout of the program and how you can participate to the fullest.

SoulMate Alchemy 5 Workshop Sessions:

Each audio corresponds with each Session 1 – 5 for a total of 5 audios. The calls consist of powerful teachings and at least 3 guided processes for you to experience the energy and support of shifting internally for external satisfaction in your life.
Note: You will be able to download all the recordings.

SoulMate Alchemy PDF's:

Each Session will be accompanied with a corresponding PDF. Each PDF contains the valuable processes we covered while on the call. You can use the PDF's as a quick reference for doing the processes anytime you may need them.

SoulMate Alchemy 3 Intuitive Strategist Coaching Q & A Calls:

Listen to Coaching Calls with Academy Master Teacher, Intuitive Strategist, Angie Higle, C.Ht. Each session is an audio of a previously live question and answer Intuitive strategist coaching session where you can listen to personal questions about past relationships, karmic connections, or trapped emotional residue from breakups, for example. Angie is an expert with picking up on whether it is best for people to stay in a relationship or let it go based on the karmic contract. The Question & Answer session allows for clarity through coaching for immediate shifts to occur.

SoulMate Alchemy Coaching Videos:

It is as if I am right in your living room with you taking you through the exercises in this program for greater impact and transformation.

Purchase the entire course, valued at $1,297
for only $97

Bonus #1: $50 Value

Coupon off a 1 hour private Intuitive Strategist Session
$50.00 coupon off

a 1 hour private Soul Integration Session with Academy for the Soul, Master Teacher, Angie Higle, C.Ht.

Angie Higle, C.Ht, Intuitive Strategist

Angie Is an Intuitive Strategist that specializes in facilitating rapid shifts in thought patterns and limiting beliefs. She is known for inspiring that "oh ha" moment that changes your perception in an instant, shifting you from a low vibrational energy to a higher energy of love, peace and joy. Propelled by her love for self-growth, it is her mission to facilitate others in their journey and share her tools and resources so that they too can live an inspired and passionate life.

With over 12 years of training Angie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner in NLP, a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy'" through Advanced Neuro Dynamics and an Academy for the Soul, Intuitive Strategist graduate specializing in soul integrations of personas using the Integrative Soul Technology Process.

Angie has also studied courses in Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA, Holographic Healing of Ancestral DNA, and Rapid Healing from Possibilities Vocational School and most recently the Advanced Self Love Mastery Course from Rikka Zimmerman.

She wants to show you how to shift your perspective, remove the blocks holding you back, make your inner light brighter, and start living in the essence of love, peace and joy.


Bonus Item #2. Value $47.97

Be Love to Find Love

E-Book for Women

A journey into learning how to become Love personified in a relationship.


Bonus Item #3. Value $127

Taking Back Your Power Package, for Men & Women

Downloadable PDF's & Audio Package

Taking Back Your Power E-Book takes you on a journey of discovering what has been blocking your from creating the life of your dreams.


Bonus Item #4. Value $47.97

10 Laws of Love E- Guidebook & Audio program

The 10 Laws of Love E-Guidebook will you show you what actions are needed to create your life as a Love sanctuary.


Bonus Item #5. Value $27.97

Beautification From the Inside Out Program

MP3 Audio Package.

Beautification From the Inside Out will guide you to a place where beauty begins and flourishes. Beautification From the Inside Out was created to assist you in shifting your perceptions of yourself to match the true essence inside.


Bonus Item #6 $47

LovesCode: "What is Your Deep Love Strategy?"

When you discover this for yourself and those you love, you can create a powerful synergy that allows each one to know they are not only loved but honored.

Purchase the entire course and receive all the Bonuses free

Entire value is $1,297, yours for only $97

I’m here to support you in understanding your sensitivity and keeping the boundaries healthy and clean so you become more Aware and in charge of your energy. It’s time to stop the painful sponging habits and to reclaim your empathic nature as a True gift.

I’ll see you on the calls!
With love,

About Christel:

Christel Hughes is a Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Holistic Life coach, known by many as the "Spiritual Trainer to the Stars", specializing in self-development, energetic healing and rapid transformation for celebrities and individuals throughout the World. Most people know Christel for her lightening-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings.

Christel's work has broadened to include multiple programs and pathways to Higher Consciousness and Energetic Transformation. The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the 'Online School for Intuitive Arts'. Christel's purpose is to bring and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

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